Disciples’ Fellowship is a group of Christians who began ministering and worshipping together in 2003 with a simple desire to seek after God. They had no grand plan for what they would be doing, but only a undefined sense of wanting to live into the life that God grants by grace. They suspected that there was much more to this life of faith in Christ than what they had experienced.

Where the journey has brought us so far is that we try to be more relational and organic than organizational and institutional. We remind ourselves that DF has no members. Only the Body of Christ has members, and anyone who is a member of that Body is welcome as a non-member of DF.

There are no requirements for being part of our congregation, though we recognize the high calling of discipleship to Jesus. We don’t want anyone to be committed to our congregation, but to be thoroughly committed to Jesus. Together we seek to be transformed to become more like the One and Only Son who shows us God in the flesh. We recognize that this is the work of the Spirit which is accomplished as we seek God together.

DF might be described as both non-denominational and multi-denominational. We are non-denominational because we identify with no single tradition. However, we do not seek to deny the various traditions that have formed us, whether Protestant denominations or the older Latin, Anglican, or Greek churches. We are multi-denominational because our various experiences span many traditions, and the richness of all of those traditions are valued. What we have in common, as do all the Christian traditions, is a desire to seek God in the person of Jesus Christ.

We have become comfortable with the tension that exists within the mystery of our faith. We don’t have all the answers, and often hardly know how to ask good questions. Fortunately, we are depending on God’s mercy to save us and not on the correctness of our beliefs. We continue to seek, explore, ask, learn . . . and trust that God will lead according to his wisdom and love.

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