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Disciples' Fellowship   
We also have recognized a group of other women and men to serve us as a Missional Planning Group. Their role is to help think and plan how it is that we attempt to live out God’s Mission with one another in seeking spiritual formation and also in witnessing to and blessing the world. Ideas they may have are offered as suggestions to others or the whole congregation.

When we need to make decisions that affect us all, we use a Congregational Discernment process that welcomes everyone in the congregation to participate. We attempt to prayerfully discover with one another how God is directing us. This is not decided with a vote, but in reaching a consensus together. this does not mean we reach unanimity, but that in humility we acknowledge that the Spirit of God works more in us all than in any of us individually. Sometimes we need to concede that others may be discerning God’s leading more than ourselves.
Though in our society everyone uses the term “leadership”, Jesus instead spoke about servanthood. He actually forbid his followers from emulating either the domineering style of leadership common among gentile nations (Matthew 20:25-28) or the self-promotion that he observed among Jewish leaders (Matthew 23:5-12). What he taught was not modeled on anything his followers had typically seen before.

In trying to follow Jesus’ way of humility and service, within our congregation we do not have positions of prestige and power, or titles that distinguish us from one another. We do recognize, as Paul loves to describe it, that we are like parts of a body with different roles of service that we offer to one another. A believer’s influence is limited to the willingness of others to listen and follow, not because that person has the power to demand anything. Consequently, only in our submission to one another do we recognize the giftedness and authority of God in our brothers and sisters.
In this spirit of servanthood and humility we have recognized several couples as Spiritual Caregivers because we see in them a maturity, humility, and a gift to counsel and pray with others. As a congregation we affirm that these are some to whom anyone may turn to for spiritual care, though they are not the only ones.

As in any group there are many different tasks to be done and roles that need to filled for the good of the whole. Many men and women serve our congregation as Ministry Coordinators with specific ways of blessing us all.

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