DF Masks

We are using this webpage to keep a list of resources and needs.

  • In the comments below list items you need, items you have to be distributed, or finished masks that need to be collected.
  • Be sure to identify yourself in the comment if you are not signed into WordPress under your name.
  • Those who are runners will use the information you leave here to plan the most efficient way to collect and distribute items.

Supplies that might be needed/Services requested:
3. METAL(for nose piece) (It would be great if these were already cut to 3.5-3.75″ and ends crimped – needs to be 22-24 gauge – use 2 pieces if you like in case one breaks there is a backup- it can be coated – I am now using one coated piece and one regular in each mask.
4. TIES – if you need the lengths to tie on the head – please just call them TIES – no matter what they are made of (that could be fabric or bias or parachute cord)
5. BIAS – if y ou prefer using real bias tape to use across the nose piece on the round mask – then specify BIAS for NOSE – you won’t need as much of that and we can make sure you get bias. You can also use fabric here but bias is easier.
6. SURGICAL WRAP – I will be the one who has that and will get a runner to get that to you today if at all possible – one box is here – waiting for the other
7.PICK-UP – when you have something you need to go from one place to another
These are the main components of the masks/needs – unless someone comes across a stash of elastic to share – but ties are preferred if possible.
If you need anything else to sew- bobbins, new scissors, whatever – just ask.

One thought on “DF Masks

  1. I need ties and wire.
    Will have a few makss for oikx up Wednesday and more new blue wrap for distribution.


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