We gather for worship each Sunday, the day of Christ’s resurrection, to share in Holy Communion and realign ourselves to the truth of who we are before God. We seek a continual conversion, to be transformed, through reorienting ourselves so that worship may permeate our daily lives.

Anyone is welcome to plan the service of worship for our Sunday gatherings. There is no particular style or form required, other than our participation in the Lord’s Supper and including a time specifically for the children. The type of prayers, songs, order of the service, and whether or not to include these is entirely up to the person planning. To plan worship is to serve the congregation with the intention of furthering our transformation in Christ.

Since we want to be careful not to turn our times of worship into a performance for our entertainment, those who lead us in songs, prayers, or with readings, do so from the back rather than the front. Before us is the Lord’s table, the cross, and images through which we recognize that God is the audience. Over the years our worship has changed to often have a more liturgical style, though that is due to the individual choices of those planning the service rather than a mandate.

Some general things to remember:

We value participation over performance, so we are not focused on making sure everything is done with “excellence” as much as that it should be our shared offering of worship to God.

We always have a children’s time during our gathering because their participation is important. We welcome the noises and presence of children of all ages in our worship, though there is an attended nursery as well.

At the Lord’s Table we have grape juice in the individual cups and wine in the chalices, so you may receive the cup however you prefer. Everyone who desires to receive Christ is welcome to share in Holy Communion.

We typically follow the Christian calendar, which is a way of reminding ourselves that we are part of something ancient and much bigger than just us. This means we usually read the scriptures given to us for each Sunday. The Revised Common Lectionary and Textweek are two places where you may find those readings.

If you have questions about how or why we worship as we do, please ask us! If you are interested in learning more about planning worship or want to help with the music, talk to Greg Newton.