This Sunday’s Theme

Link to Easter Sermon, 2021

Thanks for being interested in our congregational life. Here are some thoughts to keep in mind as you browse this site:

This website is a very brief introduction to those of us who share life together in Christ and refer to our community as Disciples’ Fellowship. Trying to infer from what you find here all that we are, practice, and believe will probably lead you to some inaccurate conclusions. You are welcome to come worship with us, we have an attended nursery and children’s classes on Sunday mornings, or if you have more questions let’s sit down and talk over coffee or give us a phone call. A website is a poor substitute for a conversation, and we prefer the personal.

However, if you only want some basic information, you can find when we have our Gatherings, directions to where we meet on Lorna Road in Hoover, a bit of our story under About Us, or listen to podcasts of lessons under Media.

Shane May and Greg Newton serve the congregation and you can read their family stories. You can email us here.

Many times visitors seem to expect to find a statement of belief on a group’s website. Simply stated, we are Christians who strive to learn and live the way of Jesus. The historic creeds of the church speak about the mysteries of our trinitarian God, the coming of God to us in the person of Jesus, and other beliefs. We attempt to live and believe the apostolic faith that has come from God and is communicated to us through scripture and the history of God’s church.

If you have specific questions about our understanding of Christian practice and faith, let’s talk and we’ll tell you how we are trying to live and believe what Christ taught and was passed on by his apostles. We do not pretend to live and hold the faith perfectly. We hope you will share your understanding and experience as well, in order to further our shared pursuit of life in God through Christ our Lord.

The peace of God be with you.